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We continue to learn about the motor coach business and are prudently evolving our integration combination plan for MCI. The focus today has been on culture, facility upgrades, investing in information technology harmonization, product quality and customer service. MCI continues to perform to management’s acquisition case and we believe that approximately $7.6 million of the $10 million target annual cost synergies have been identified through the rationalization of corporate costs at the coordination of sourcing and purchasing activities.

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1980 Astros hit 26 home runs at home. The opposition hit 22. The Dodgers longtime nucleus was still there, but seven of the eight position starters were over 30.. 9. Her tomboy ways could have scandalised him as much as his society polished ways bored her. Her brave demeanor in taking up causes, speaking her mind and “huggling” her team mates after winning could have unsettled the Wadia heir, who might have realised that all he really wants is a girl who can look pretty and behave coy.