The one time I said “fuck it” and stood up for myself the kids

I was bullied nearly every day all the way through high school, mostly by the wanna be gang bangers. The one time I said “fuck it” and stood up for myself the kids older brother was there and beat my ass for “fucking with his brother”. Of course i then ihhad to deal with that wgole gsmily bullying me for tue rest of high school.

4 points submitted 2 months agohey on the bright side virginia is top 20 (118.5) in adjO since conference play began. Go us. Additionally our adjD since conf play began is 78.1, even better than the 82.2 total, so we certainly trending in the right direction despite our conf sos being pretty high (21).

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From when I was six years old until I was nine, we had woods in back of our house that lined the back yards of our whole street, the last street in the neighborhood. From my young perspective it seemed a very large woods. It was old growth eastern forest populated with box turtles the color of the earth, gray squirrels, fleet rabbits, pesky ticks, and a small band of kids.

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What I tell people who need specific work is that when they talk me through specific techniques it actually prevents me from achieving optimal results for their massage. I will tell them “why don you give me half an hour to do my thing, and let me know what you think at the end. I will honor your body and do my best, and of course check in with you for pain or discomfort.” When I frame it like that, they still feel like they can change the treatment after half an hour if they really want.

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